Writing compelling job descriptions for startup hiring.

Hiring top talent is on the wishlist of all the startups; you want to attract the best of the lot to apply for your open roles. The question is, how you can create enthusiasm for your open positions and have candidates consider you as their next employer. The answer is – A compelling Job Description!! This is the first written document a candidate sees about the role and your startup. Just 14 seconds on average (Source ) is all that a job seeker spends on reviewing a job description before deciding on whether to apply and undergo the assessment process or not. You don’t want to go wrong in the first step.

A good Job Description(JD) clearly highlights what the job entails, what your startup is all about, and what’s in it for a potential hire. A standard JD normally includes Job Title, Job Summary, Key Responsibility Areas, Skills, Qualification, Years of Experience, and about the company. Writing a JD that shouts out “Come join us” is definitely an art that very few have. Your candidates won’t be interested in applying for a plain boring JD. 

Being a startup, you may not have enough resources and skills to write a great JD, which would catch the most talented candidates’ attention. You would definitely not want a poorly written JD, as it might result in irrelevant applications and, at times, bad hires. Sifting through hundreds of unqualified candidates only to find a few handful meeting your criteria will only leave you frustrated with the time and effort wasted on it. And, not having a JD at all to evaluate the potential candidate would be even worse. You may end up hiring the wrong candidates and face early turnover costs with already limited resources at your disposal. Using Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to automate this herculean task of creating a relevant JD in no time.

How AI can generate compelling Job Description

AI has the ability to generate effective job description templates. It identifies which keywords and phrases are relevant to the role and have resulted in better hires. By understanding the job’s main requirements, the AI engine automatically generates the right skills and personality traits. It analyzes hiring data and creates a description with augmented writing to attract the right talent. It can quickly and easily build job descriptions and save countless hours spent on the internet to map skills, key responsibilities, and behavioral competencies for your positions.

Creating the job description doesn’t have to be painful anymore, do give a thought to using AI-enabled technology to write your next job description and brighten your chances of attracting the right talent. 

Amwi.ai’s integrated Job Description generator and optimizer would help you create the perfect Job Description. Enter key details about your position and let Amwi’s AI do the rest and instantly generate a well written JD template. Amwi’s AI also recommends the mandatory and preferred skills you may like to add to your job description. It takes care of hard skills and includes soft skills that are commonly missed out by hiring managers. The primary job content is automatically placed to impart visual hierarchy making it easy to read. 

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