“The Ticking Clock Everyone Stop”The Document Review World as A Waiting Room

Jun 22, 2018, 4:00:00 AM / by Shamara K. Boines


The legal profession can be unpredictable. Both recent graduates and lawyers in transition experience challenges that land themselves in a waiting room. To fill this void the document review world offers a variety of benefits including networking opportunities with other attorneys and recent graduates. This post explores two important benefits that working document review projects can provide.

Embracing the Temporary.

In general document review projects tend to vary in length of time. On average most projects last for a time frame of one to four weeks for un-licensed attorney’s or extend to longer periods of time as a licensed attorney. Depending on your circumstance the short-term project and flexibility in hours can be extremely beneficial. An individual who is a recent graduate from law school needing to make some income prior to an extensive bar study program may find a short-term project more appealing. Also, an individual who has recently relocated to another State waiting for admission to another State Bar may also find a short-term project appealing.  

Long-term projects although scarce for unlicensed only candidates tend to be more appealing for newly licensed attorneys that wish to begin a solo practice. Beginning a new practice has its challenges, one being sustaining an income where document review can assist in providing a source of income, that can provide financial support until business is up and running, or a more permanent position is available at a law firm.  

Embracing the temporary world of document review can provide numerous benefits for both licensed and un-licensed attorneys. Both short and long-term projects can be a temporary solution to embrace while putting the finishing touches on your law career.  

Document Review as a Networking Tool

Within the document review World there are many individuals that have a variety of skill sets that can be beneficial to you. While many believe and assume that law school prepares you for every aspect, and circumstance that you may encounter as a newly licensed attorney. The truth is that there are certain aspects, that an attorney must learn by the guidance of another expert in the field. document review projects can provide a person with the opportunity to network with many other attorneys that specialized in various aspects of the law. This opens doors to creating a rolodex of referrals for to further assist current and future clients with their legal needs. This can also provide other attorney’s the opportunity to refer new clients to you as a newly licensed attorney. Additionally, the amount of advice in working document review projects with other attorneys carries a tremendous amount of value.

As the legal profession can be somewhat unpredictable, many attorneys find themselves in circumstances that create a waiting room. During this time, attorneys can utilize document review projects for both the networking opportunities it presents, and a way of embracing a temporary circumstance to a positive, assisting attorneys in flourishing in their future legal careers.

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Shamara K. Boines

Written by Shamara K. Boines

Shamara K. Boines graduated with her Juris Doctorate in 2017 from Western Michigan Thomas Cooley Law School, with a concentration in Administrative Law. She recently obtained her Master of Law Degree from Western Michigan Thomas Cooley Law School in Homeland and National Security Law.

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