How to convert passive candidates to interested applicants.

“70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who are not actively job searching.” (LinkedIn). Given this insight, it is clear you need to think beyond job boards as you try to address your hiring challenges. This passive talent pool is especially critical while trying to fill roles that require niche skills. You need the right strategy to identify, engage and gain passive candidates’ interest by approaching them differently.

Build your Employer Brand:

Your job postings, website, career pages, Glassdoor reviews and social media presence should shout out – “A great place to work”! Choose what makes your company unique to make an impact. Explore the art of storytelling to gain traction with your target talent. Your employees are your best brand advocates. Make sure you are including them to build your employer brand.

Expand your visibility:

Most of the passive candidates are available on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to network, learn and grow. Gain their attention by sharing exciting and engaging content about your company related to mission, values, culture, employees, benefits, work-life balance. Get noticed by consistently posting on these platforms. Inviting passive candidates to webinars is a great way to build visibility and mind share.

Engage with a personalized touch:

Send personalized sourcing emails to improve response rates. Customize a general template for each candidate stating what made you reach out to them and how their skills or experiences can do justice to the role you have. Send a crisp personalized message as long e-mails may get ignored. AMWI has an exclusive feature for hiring managers to send personalized messages to candidates. Also, it is important to be prepared when you hear back from the candidate with his or her information.  

Nurture Passive Talent: 

Not all your emails will get answered as not all passive candidates would be interested in current roles, but they might be in the future. Nurture passive talent to build relationships so that they gradually become part of your talent pipeline. Share insightful content relevant to candidates and make candidates check your communication frequently. Content can be related to industry trends, in-demand skills, salary benchmarks, new technologies, case studies, governance, article, blogs, infographics, etc. In between, you can also keep them posted on job openings, company updates, and achievements to get registered in their mind as a prospective employer. You may get referrals or LinkedIn recommendations as passive candidates generally have a strong professional network.

Candidate Experience:

Getting the attention of passive candidates is just the tip of an iceberg. Converting them to potential hires will be incomplete without a proper strategy around the application and interview process. 60% of job seekers quit an application in the middle due to its length or complexity. An optimized hiring process with proper communication at each step of screening, interviews, feedback, and offer will keep them motivated to stay in the enhance candidates’ experience by providing digital assistance through AI chatbots. It can also schedule and conduct AI video interviews for ease of candidate and hiring manager.


You can’t meet your hiring goals until you reach out to passive candidates. You can convert them to potential hires if you know how to make the opportunity look attractive, aligning with their financial, personal, and professional goals. So, go ahead and take your chances to woo passive talent.

AMWI, digital AI recruiter, can improve your candidate response rate by 5x.  AMWI can get you the best fit and available candidates through automated sourcing and predicting the turnover intent of passive candidates.

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