How AI can transform Recruitment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has established its foothold in recruitment with multiple use cases in candidate sourcing, screening, matching, and interviewing. It is becoming a must-have in the recruiter’s toolbox. Data-driven decisions using Deep Learning can transform your recruitment process and step up your hiring game.

Automated Candidate Sourcing and Screening

Automated sourcing backed by AI can find you the best fit from resume databases. This includes internal databases as well as sourcing from social platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribble to name a few. These are sources for critical for sourcing passive talent. Candidate outreach has no boundaries with AI. Custom AI-enabled chatbots can share your roles to target candidates through social media, online communities, email, in one click. 

AI can automate screening and instantly present you with high potential candidates from many applications received, which generally takes endless hours manually. It can rank qualified candidates in the list based on a matching algorithm. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques are used to match resumes with multiple data points from the job description. Advanced AI system like AMWI goes a step further and does contextual matching instead of just keyword matching to give you an ideal match. It saves you time, and you are less likely to lose qualified candidates.

Predicting availability

Predicting candidate availability is complex and dependent on a number of factors. This makes it difficult for most of us, but relatively easy for a well-trained deep learning model.  AI technology can predict whether a passive candidate may show interest or not if contacted. The response rate can be predicted by analyzing candidates’ data points like education, social media posts, experience, skills, recommendations, job tenure, and much more. 

Candidate Engagement and Experience 

Nearly half (49%) of job seekers working in in-demand fields like technology say they’ve turned down an offer because of a bad experience during the hiring process (PWC Survey).

Digital real-time assistance provided to candidates in the form of automated processes and chatbots can be a game-changer in enhancing candidate experience. Conversational Chatbots can represent you 24 * 7 and increase candidate engagement using natural language processing (NLP). These interactive chatbots can –

  • Answer Frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • Qualify candidates based on pre-screening questions.
  • Guide candidates through the application process.
  • Provide automated feedback, updates, and next steps.
  • Schedule Interviews.

Video Interview Assessment

Gartner HR Survey shows 86% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews to hire candidates during coronavirus pandemic. AI improves the quality of assessment by analyzing candidates’ speech, word choices, facial expressions, and other nuances. It can then provide an assessment regarding the cultural fit. AMWI provides AI-powered video interviews, so your hiring managers have a 360-degree understanding of the candidate. 

AI can drastically augment the recruitment process through automation, operational, and predictive analysis. Investing in AI solutions can save enormous costs and time by efficient workflows, enhanced candidates’ experience, and improved quality of hires. While AI takes care of your routine activities, you can focus more on strategic recruitment, creative sourcing, and building relationships with unicorn candidates and hiring managers.

AMWI digital AI recruiter can be your talent solution in sourcing to interviewing high potential candidates for your open positions.

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