Enhance your Candidate Screening with AI-powered Resume Ranking.

Hiring the right candidate with the right skills is important for a startup to grow rapidly. Once you have your job posts up on portals, career pages, LinkedIn, and other platforms, you get a surge of applications of candidates who hit that small APPLY button confirming to submit their resume for the position. Though you might have done your job well by quoting exactly what kind of talent you need, you still receive a mixed talent pool and need to screen the resumes received to shortlist the potential candidates for interviews.

Screening of hundreds of resumes received against a position rolled out is a tedious job, especially if done manually. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, which is time-consuming with minimal results. At times, manual screening also leads to the rejection of resumes due to unconscious human bias. So, what is the way out? How should we efficiently identify the best candidates from a huge pile of resumes?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Job boards have some solutions. However, these are based on basic keyword matching ability only and lack context. E.g., You don’t want to have Java Developers on the list when looking for Python developers just because your ATS focused on keyword -developers. The other challenge is that “ATS screens out or rejects an estimated 70 percent (Source), or more of the resumes submitted due to missing desired information or resume are formatted in a way that the system can’t digest the information”. Artificial intelligence has advanced enough to resolve this issue by automated screening, identifying contextual keywords, scoring, and ranking candidates for your review. 

How AI can improve your candidate ranking

Artificial intelligence can give an effective and efficient start to candidate screening by matching and ranking the most relevant profiles for your open positions. It carefully examines the job description and matches it against text intent in a profile to unearth your unicorn candidate. AI goes beyond keywords and screen resumes contextually. Deep learning-based algorithms can match and rank qualified candidates based on various career parameters as skills, education, experience, employment history, industry, location, compensation, certifications, etc.

Korn Ferry’s Global Survey 2017 on 770 talent acquisition professionals from across the globe stated, “Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents say AI has changed the way recruiting is done in their organization, with 69 percent saying using AI as a sourcing tool garners higher-quality candidates”.

Investing in an AI-powered resume ranking tool can save a lot of your manual work and time spent sourcing and screening. With more time available in hand, you can focus on other quality tasks related to candidate experience or engagement. By implementing AI in your screening process, you can easily get the best profiles ranked high on the list, giving you a highly qualified talent pool to interview with greater selection chances.

AMWI is one such AI-powered sourcing tool that can help you with your resume ranking and present you with the best profiles to interview for your positions. AMWI uses proprietary technology built on BERT AI-model to understand the profile information to create a ranked list of qualified candidates.

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