How AI can help with Employer Branding

Hiring is a challenging game for startups. You are up against the biggest brands with limited resources, and can’t compromise on the quality of hire. The only way you can get attention from the right talent is by strategically showcasing your mission, vision, core values, and purpose. Employer branding, the not-so-common art of storytelling, is built on components like your culture, candidate experience, employee experience, employee engagement, and many more. It is critical to highlight your company as a great place to work. It can act as a retention lever for your current employees and a pull factor for prospective candidates to join your startup.

LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends for Small – Medium Size Business (SMB) 2016 stated, “72 % of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that the Employer Brand has a significant impact on hiring”. So, investing time and resources in building an employer brand may reduce your recruitment costs, increase the number of applicants, and get you quality hires.

Employer Branding &  Candidate Experience

With the advent of technology, social media, and abundant information available digitally, a candidate makes an informed decision on deciding their next employer. Candidates want to probe more about your new startup and what it’s like to work with you before submitting their applications. As per LinkedIn’s “Inside the mind of today’s candidate” survey report, common candidate questions are related to job details, salary range, company overview, why I fit, job title, company culture, and company mission. 

The broader question of “What’s in it for me?” and how can I benefit by joining this startup are also on top of a candidate’s mind. Your team may not have enough time or resources to answer each query put up by candidates. A digital recruiter using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) can come to your rescue and deliver a better candidate experience by clarifying the common questions about your company and position.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be easily handled by an AI chatbot without making candidates wait for you to respond. The conversational chatbots are programmed to understand the context of the candidate’s query via Natural Language Processing(NLP). They can answer candidate questions related to your company (overview, employee strength, benefits, culture, etc.) and position (skills, qualification, KRAs, etc. ), resulting in a reduced application drop rate at the preliminary stage.

Automated personalized messages from your hiring manager to candidates on how their candidature fits the role can create a huge positive impact on response rate. An AI-chatbot can also perform your top of funnel recruiting tasks of candidate screening based on a set of qualifying questions. It can eliminate unsuitable candidates and present pre-qualified candidates to expedite your recruitment.

Every member of your team has multiple roles to play and always have their hands full, a digital recruiter will let your team focus more on strategic tasks than repetitive ones. It’s time to craft a recruitment strategy for your startup by adopting modern technology. Building your employer brand using a digital recruiter will elevate your candidate experience and attract the best talent to ace the competition.

AMWI, a Digital AI Recruiter can be your solution to Employer Branding!!  This AI-powered automated recruiter can enhance your candidate experience through automated Employer Brand management and personalized messages to candidates from your brand.

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