Bijoux Ngwanda

Bijoux J Ngwanda was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly referred to as Zaire. Although her country of birth is potentially rich in natural resources, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been ripped by civil war and political instability for the last decades. That instability has led Bijoux J. Ngwanda to flee the country, consequently to immigrate in the United States of America not by choice but by destiny. Since then, Bijoux J Ngwanda has questioned her own existence and its purpose in a foreign land. Those questionings has drown me to the study of Law. At first, I thought that I was drown to the study of law following my father (a retired judge) footstep unconsciously but after several unsuccessful attempts of taking the bar, I have finally realized that this is my destiny. Becoming a lawyer has become the most challenging endeavor of my life. Regardless of culture and language barrier, I have demonstrated resilience and determination in the pursuit of my dream. Currently Bijoux J Ngwanda works for Barclays as a dispute Analyst. On my free time, I enjoy reading books on history, traveling, volunteering with Food Bank and practicing Yoga.

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