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Design Thinking in the Legal Field

Blockchain Technology for a Smarter Legal Perspective

Market Disruption in the Legal Industry

Internships: The Credit, The Unpaid and The Paid


3 jobs to do between Juris Doctorate and Esquire

Bridging the Communication and Legal Gaps for Attorneys and Deaf Clients

Dream Catching 101: For aspiring attorneys

Combating the CSI Effect

The Cassandra Complex: Sexual Harassment Allegations

Cannabis Law

Important for Lawyers to Understand their Local Community

Surviving the Billable Hour Requirement: How      Mindful Practices Can Increase Productivity in Law Firms

"Dorothy Bruns: Depraved Indifference to People on The Road"

Elections and Compassion to achieve Criminal Justice Reform

The Lawyer Life: Creating Your Own Career

The Jobs and Tax Act of 2017 and You: A Checklist

3 Ways to Succeed in the Legal Field

5 Helpful Tips to Help Facilitate Effective Communication for Junior Attorneys

6 Ways Human Intelligence Enhances Artificial Intelligence in Document Review

Should I Use a Contingency Fee

3 Essential Habits to a Good Work/Life Balance

Juvenile Solitary confinement Reform, and what it looks like

How Emotional Intelligence can help create a healthy Law Firm

The Stigma of the “Non-Traditional J.D.” Job

Networking for Introverts

Five Ways to Ease Your Transition from Law School Student to Attorney

The Rise of Corporate Wellness in Law Firms

Securing Agency Commission in International Business Transactions

How to Develop Business Without Really Trying

The Top 3 Factors That Will Determine What is a “Cryptocurrency”

“The Ticking Clock Everyone Stop”The Document Review World as A Waiting Room

Consider These 4 Things Before Starting a Solo Practice

Experiences of being a highly educated African-American woman and not getting a chance to show your expertise because of Implicit bias.

Mentors and Mentoring: How Mentoring and Being Mentored Can Strengthen Your Career

Specialty Legal Practice Areas for the New Millennium

Choosing “matter over mind” by staying psychically healthy while practicing law – “Health Matters”

The Ethical Duty to Safeguard Confidential Client Information on the Cloud

The letter of the law is black, but the color of law is white.

Pitfalls of Long-Term Contracting for Freelance Attorneys

The Ups and Downs of Starting a Life and Legal Career in a New City

E-Discovery Certifications: Becoming an Expert in the Field

The Lawyer as an Agent: Verification of Documents in an Age of Electronic Uncertainty

Personal Social Media Pages: What Attorney’s Should Achieve and Avoid

Why Every Attorney Can Benefit from Meditation (and How You Can Start Today!)

“When there are nine!” The need for an open discussion about gender equality in the legal profession

The importance of having clear protocols and examples in document review.

How to Pass the Bar Exam while Pregnant or Raising Small Children

Dissecting The Dangling Carrot Concept For a Firm’s Business Practice Regarding Initial Attorney Consultation Fees

Tips on Transitioning from Reviewer to Legal Project Manager

Data Breach: Responding to Regulators and Litigants Discovery Requests

What Homer Can Teach Us about Being a Mentor

The Importance of a Paralegal in your Law Firm

Building A Strong Work Ethic

An Attorney’s Guide to Social Media Platforms

Benefits of Uninsured (UM) and Underinsured Motorist bodily injury (UIM) Coverage

Five Ways to Enhance Your Professional Reputation as an Attorney in a Corporate Office

Lessons Learned an E-Discovery Case Study

E-Discovery: What Can Go Wrong?

Improve Billing and Collections to Increase Law Firm Profitability

Why Successful Law Firms Must Hire Administrators

Top 10 eDiscovery Terms You Should Learn Today

Making Your Law Firm a Great Place To Work

How to Recruit and Retain Younger Lawyers

How Artificial Intelligence is Affecting the Legal Services Industry

Privilege Review: What You Need to be Effective

5 Networking Tricks to Quickly Build Your Client Base

7 Ways to Successfully Handle Difficult Clients

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6 Ways to Continue Growing & Developing as a Lawyer

5 Ways to Overcome and Prevent Depression in the Legal Profession

Ethics & eDiscovery: A Love Story

Billing Rates: Why LexInsight’s a Better Choice Than a Staffing Agency

Tax Tips for Attorneys Working as Contractors

Questions to Ask About Your Legal Malpractice Insurance

5 Easy Ways Contract Attorneys Can Improve Their Productivity

Transition from Traditional Law to a Career as a Freelance Attorney in 4 Steps

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Law Firm

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Snacking on the Job: Healthy Eating Habits for Attorneys

5 Ways Boosting Your EQ Will Skyrocket Your Legal Career

Small Law Firms: Here’s How You Benefit from Hiring Contract Attorneys

eDiscovery in the time of social media

Best practices to find outstanding eDiscovery talent for your project

5 Tricks to Keep a Steady Stream of Clients

Reshaping Legal: Tech Competence for Future Lawyers

How to Negotiate a Contract Everyone is Happy With: 5 Keys 

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