5 tips on how to hire for your startup.

Hiring for a startup is a challenge. Lack of an established brand name, salary constraints are some of the factors which make it an uphill task. However, the importance of the right team cannot be overstated. According to CB Insights, not having the right team is among the top three reasons for startup failure.

You need people who can adjust to your continually changing needs. People who are risk-takers and have an entrepreneurial attitude. Employees who are agile, quick learners, multi-taskers, self-driven and much more than a corporate standard hire.

Here are five tips on how to hire right candidate for your startup.

Build your Employer Brand.

Weave a story around what makes your company unique. It can be about your product or service, culture, mission, growth plans, funding, employee experience. Pick any dimension and make a strong unique positioning to grab the candidates’ attention. Strong employer brands see a 43% decrease in cost per hire. Get on the radar of candidates by actively using social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Glassdoor, job boards and your website, to amplify your brand. A video of your employees talking about why they love working for you or a day at work is a great brand building tool. An FAQ section clarifying the interview process and onboarding process are useful to distinguish your brand. The use of technology can further differentiate the candidate experience. For example, by customizing the AMWI chatbot you can provide instant, human like clarifications to your candidates at scale. This can make the crucial difference in turning passive candidates into interested candidates.

Hire for passion. 

Working in startups is demanding. Hire candidates who have the right attitude, passion, and motivation to work for a startup.  They should fit in startup culture in addition to required skills and experience to add value to your fast-growing venture. Identify the hard and soft skills you wish to have for each role to assess the candidates accordingly. If required, use assessment tools like online technical tests, soft skill assessments, assignments, gamification, to assess fitment.

Employee Referral and Network.  

Your employees are the best judge of what kind of candidates would fit your organization. Companies can expand their talent pool by 10X by recruiting through their employee’s network (LinkedIn). Instead of paying recruitment agencies, design an attractive employee referral plan that will motivate initial employees to refer suitable candidates as per your startup’s need.  A well-defined process with effective communication of open positions, request for referrals, response time to referrals, and rewards should be in place.

Hire Remote employees.

It is possible to have a hybrid workforce to run your business, especially with technological advancement. Find jobs that can be done remotely and assigned to remote employees. Hire a candidate with similar skills at other geographical locations and at less cost. Post-Covid, perception towards remote work feasibility got tested like never before. Hiring online and using virtual/video interviews to assess candidates kept the ball rolling to fill talent needs in the Covid pandemic. AMWI provides a Video Interviewing feature backed by AI, giving a quick a quantitative assessment of candidate fitment.

Look Inside.

Enable internal hiring, by checking internally for available talent. Trend 3 of LinkedIn Global Talent Trend Report 2020 was – Internal recruiting – “Your next hire will come from within your company — if you can find them.” Invest in your existing employees by upskilling and reskilling them to take up multiple roles. Identify the skill gaps they can be trained on to take up new roles. Aligning a startup’s growth with employee’s career development is an excellent combination to retain top talent and reduce attrition rates.

Step up your hiring game by using these tips to get you a stellar team. Enable your recruitment strategy by having a process early on to stay organized. Nurture your relationship with all the candidates to spread a positive word about your brand. You may be a new bee, but there is no limit to how creative and strategic you can get while building a team of superstars for your startup. 

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